Pokemon Go: 10 Worst Pokestop Locations

worst pokemon go locations

Long awaited and even longer promised augmented reality game has finally come, becoming instantly pop-cultural phenomenon measurable with social media.

To be exact, audience Pokémon Go game has gained in only a week since it has been launched, in United States is as wide as Tweeter’s – and Tweeter has been here for almost a decade!

Average time spent on chasing Pokémon’s daily, according to Similar Web, is 43 minutes, and dedicated army of fans have been finding Pikachu and other Pokémon’s appear in most bizarre places, including delivery rooms, graveyards and even Holocaust Memorials.

Mixing up fresh pop culture sensation on the rise with such intimate spaces or historically significant memorial grounds has, as expected, enraged those who haven’t caught the Pokémon Go! fever and who kept closer touch with reality.

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