Pablo Larrazabal Wife: Who Is She?

Pablo Larrazabal Wife

Pablo Larrazabal is a Spanish professional golfer who is currently playing on the European Tour. He has a successful career behind him and ahead of him – making him one of the best Spanish golf players today. But as we know – behind every successful man stands a woman and we’re very curious to find out who stands behind Pablo!

First of all, let’s get to know him a bit better. Larrazabal was born in Barcelona, Spain. His intention, after finishing high school in the United States, was to become a professional golf player. However, his father had other plans for him. He made Pablo work on the family fish farm in order to understand the value of money!

Pablo finally turned professional after two years, but this was a good lesson for him and is probably the reason behind his modesty and his very private life.

Pablo Larrazabal wift

Having said that, there is in fact very little to know about Pablo Larrazabal’s private life and his girlfriend, now wife. All we know is that her name is Gala Alten, that she also comes from Spain and that she loves her husband very much!

Unlike many other golfer wives, Gala keeps her private life just that – private. She’s not a fan of the spotlight and doesn’t share much through social media about herself and their life together.

When she does appear in the spot light, it’s with Pablo, either at the golf court or celebrating one of his successes. She is very supportive of him and is always by his side when he needs her the most.

Gala has been with Pablo since the beginning of his career and has been a support throughout all the struggles and difficulties. They met a week before he became a professional golfer. At the time, Pablo was still working at the family fishing farm.

It wasn’t an easy road for Pablo and at one point he was even caddying for the famous Jose Maria Olazabal. Things started picking up slowly and Pablo eventually won his first major tournament, but Gala didn’t leave his side during this time.

The couple has been together for over 10 years now and last year, on Christmas day, Pablo finally proposed. According to him, this was much easier and less nerve-racking than playing in Abu Dhabi the year before and winning his third event on the European Tour.

He explains this by the fact that they had been together for more than 10 years at the time and that she already was like his wife, just not officially. They got married pretty soon after the engagement, August 30 in Barcelona, at a beautiful, private ceremony – in sync with their relationship so far.

Pablo loves his wife very much and he says: “Gala has been great to my career and she’s been very supportive, and has been through and experienced all my ups-and-downs for 10 years now.”

Even though we don’t know that much about this cute couple, the love they share is undeniable and they really show respect for one another at the rare occasions they are seen together in public.

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