Max Verstappen Net Worth: How Rich Is Max Verstappen?

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen Net Worth: $2.1 million

Teenager Max Verstappen is currently the fastest rising star in one of the world’s richest sports.

Not many people at the age of 18 can say that they can support themselves, yet alone say that they’re millionaires!

This mysterious talent started karting as a 4-year-old. In 2009, he won the Flemish Minimax championship. As of 2013, Max went from karts to Formula Three.

After only a year, he started his career in the Formula One Red Bull Junior Team. Talented and hard-working, Verstappen has worked his way to the top!

Even though he was born and raised in Belgium, he decided to compete under the Dutch flag, having spent most of his karting time surrounded by Dutch people.

Thus he became the most successful Dutch race driver by taking over Jos Verstappen, the previous number one Dutch, and also, his father.

At the age of 17 years and 166 days, he became the youngest race driver to compete in Formula One, taking that honor from Sebastian Vettel who was holding the record at 21.

He is also the youngest Formula One Grand Prix winner, the youngest driver to secure a podium and the youngest driver to lead a lap during a Formula One Grand Prix.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this 18-year-old is at the moment the top paid youngster in the Formula 1, with a salary of $650,000 per year.

Having spent the entire season of 2015 with Toro Rosso, his annual salary reached $512,000. Not bad for an under-aged! Max’s fortune in that year was estimated at 1.5 million dollars.

He started the year 2016 with the Italian team, before being promoted by Red Bull. This year, it is believed that his net worth has risen to 2.1 million, and it will only continue to grow! He is signed through 2017 with Red Bull which is already negotiating with this big star.

Max Verstappen is a true example of how a combination of hard work, ambition and talent can bring fame and fortune. This famous race driver has his whole career ahead of him, but he already has a fortune to be proud of!

Verstappen has achieved so much in a short period of time that it will not be surprising if he joins the top drivers of this sport, such as Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso, earning up to 50 million dollars per year, in a certain period of time.

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