15 Facts About Westworld That Will Make You Love The Show Even More


14. Quentin Tarantino Was Considered To Direct The Pilot

From the very early years of the motion picture, the Western was one of the most popular genres of film. The American Film Institute describes the western as those films “set in the American West that embodies the spirit, the struggle, and the demise of the new frontier.” In Westworld, that new frontier is the bounds of an individual’s imagination with endless visual possibilities, and that visual palette would be attractive to any director.

When it came time for the HBO producers to choose a director for the pilot episode, it shouldn’t have surprised anyone that their short list included none other than acclaimed and uniquely talented director, Quentin Tarantino. A series rich with cinematic influence, Westworld would have been a giant playground for Tarantino, who happens to be a humble student of cinema himself. Alas, Tarantino declined, and the pilot episode was directed by another acclaimed and incredibly talented director.

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